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    • LeeLiana

      Pandanda has been in my childhood, through my teens, even now as I'm on the brink of reaching adulthood. I've gained many friends, lost some, and also seen a lot of versions of pandanda come and end. Even so, none compared to this one. I've never seen such an interactive community who is determined to continue on even if their connection point ends.
      Thanks to everyone for being part of my growth and I can't wait to see what comes next 🙂 

    • Panda

      Today we recorded flashwind and before that, we had a bubble potion event!




    • DJFang

      oof this thing was once full of people

    • Rubi

      Recap of this week's events (August 12-August 19)

      Events now start at 11:59 AM mPandanda Time and since then they are way more funnier!

      Blue and Yellow Color Day


      Ghost Leaf Potion Day (how ironic 😄)


      Red and Brown Color Day


      Trivia Day - 2 hour event!


      We've asked you over 35 questions. Winner was @BrunnuNunnu2 with 11 guesses. She won Red Winner T-Shirt for her Panda.


      Thanks everyone for joining the fun! 🤗 We are looking forward to next week events.

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    • Howdy Pandas! Thanks for sending your stories. They did show that this community is amazing and it's a place where you can meet wonderful people. Since we loved all stories, we decided to make all participants winners. Congratulations to @safej16, @LeeLiana, @Andreea2120, @Inumimi and @jus123tin. Thanks @Vasy for sharing your story as well. The winners win an exclusive Memories Tee and 1202 coins.  
    • One of my favorite memories of mPD was reuniting with my old friend eggplant80. We are very good friends and we have known each other for 10 years now, in the start of 2019.                                                                                                                               mPandanda has handed me a great experiences with meeting new people, playing games, and just hanging out with the staff in general. It would be very hard to put into words on how close this game has gotten to me. It brought back many memories from the original Pandanda, and made it into it's own + better. Generally speaking, it has been a great experience and it is incredible because, you make very impeccable bonds with other people from all over the world.           One of my favorite experiences within mPandanda was the Sweet Love Event! It truly showed how all of us could become one and enjoy one another's company. This was also the event where I met most of our wonderful staff!                      I enjoy being around positive people on mPandanda, and there is always a great vibe hanging out will all of you guys. I started playing Pandanda in 2010 and now recently coming back to mPD in early 2019. I believe that it is important to realize how strong and connected we are. All of us enjoy one another's company and we are always friendly, especially our exquisite staff! mPD is what I call my Family 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
    • My favourite moment is when I found out that mPandanda is a thing. When I found out that pandanda shut down, I was sad. I checked the site, every few months to see if it had come back, but it never did. May 2018 I was talking to a friend about how there used to be a game called pandanda and told them what it was like. I went to Google pictures of the game to show them and ended up seeing a blog post that said pandanda is back. I then googled it and found mPandanda. I instantly made an account and went online. I started saying hello to everyone and telling them about how I love the game and was hoping for it to come back. I started doing the quests and fishing and bought a lot of clothes with the coins. It was a very happy day and I will always remember how happy I was when I saw the game had come back. I wish I found out earlier but its never too late to become a panda. Another good memory is when I found out that admins and mods host events. That wasn't a thing on the old pandanda, so this was new. I think it's amazing how involved the mods and admins are with mPandanda. The game is a lot better than the old versions of it were. It's fun to play and has an amazing community. Every event I have taken part of has been a lot of fun 😄
    • Unique moments I know we were supposed to say one favourite moment but I can't decide but one of the memories that I can think about now, which is a pretty funny one was when Panda gave us as giveaway the mod t-shirt by mistake. There are way too many memories that make this game a really nice place. With every day that pass, this game is getting better and better. Every festival, every little update, every little change that is happening makes this a enjoyable game. Every single event is a new memorie. Every single minute in the game is a memorie, even if is about Sandiu Ciorba, Numa numa or just a basic normal day. There are still a lot of things that I have to discover in this game and I am sure until mPandanda will turn 4 years I'll have even more memories. 
    • A warm welcome  There are multiple moments in which Mpandanda has brought on a striking interest to me. Examples of this can be the events that are held, the games that we play, and even the teasing of close friends. My favorite moment, however, does not stem inside the game but on the discord intended for it.  Around the month of January 2019, I had recalled this game when having a spew of nostalgia hit me. Being the curious person I was, I decided to go on for old times sake. At first, I was upset because it seemed my friends were removed and I couldn't exactly add them back unless I had seen them again but it was worth it considering I made new friends who are all just as awesome. Coincidently, someone who also was in a long period of inactivity came online at the same time I did, so we had a nostalgic chat and welcomed each other back. I met eggplant not too long after where he had explained what I had missed, what happened to some players, and just a general discussion to inform me. Afterward, I noticed the discord. Me, who is active on discord was very excited and anticipated to join. The first thing I saw was welcome messages from a few amounts of people. It felt warming and joyful that people greeted me. With becoming active on the discord, I was introduced to awesome people like Jid, (JiddyJad), Safe (Safej16), Evest (Vasy), Inu (Inumimi), and so much more where that came from, but if I listed everyone, this entire thing would be just a member list!  We played question games to find out more about each other, joined voice channels to play together or listen to music together, and simply talked about life. Everyone is so unique and interesting, not to mention kind and funny. So if I were to choose my favorite moment, it would be the moment I returned to this amazing game, only to meet each and every one of you. 🙂
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