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  1. Yesterday
  2. Haven't been on in over a year I believe, ahah, hello everyone o/

  3. Last week
  4. hi panda friends,

    Today we had a game day event!!!!!!!!!!!! ⚽ ⚾ 🏀 🏐 🏈 🏉 🎾 🏓

    We played line 4, bunny catch 🐰, simon says, ghost catch 👻, fashion shows and had giveaways of 1 panda gold and a white bunny shirt its so cute we all love that bunny shirt, thanks @Dilly 😃

    I can't wait for the candy festival to start on Friday, can you?

    cya on mpd cool pandas 😎 😃

    game day jan 2019 1.png

    game day jan 2019 2.png

    game day jan 2019 3.png

    game day jan 2019 4.png

    game day jan 2019 5.png

    1. Bethi


      nice pics 😘💕.i love this shirt it's very cute 😍

    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie, i love the new shirt too its very cute 😍 💕

  5. Earlier
  6. hi panda friends,

    Today we had hat event, everyone wore their favorite hats 👒 🎩 🧢 ⛑️ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played bunny catch, ghost catch, line 4, hide and seek and had a giveaway of a jester hat as seen on the pictures below.

    cya on mpd, I hope everyone liked the event 😉 😎

    hat day jan 2019 1.png

    hat day jan 2019 2.png

    hat day jan 2019 3.png

    hat day jan 2019 4.png

    hat day jan 2019 5.png

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    2. eggplant80


      i like the hat too 😉 ❤️

    3. Sherman


      Howdy, I love those pictures and I think it reminds me of bringing back memories! :)

    4. eggplant80


      thx Sherman 😃

  7. hi panda friends,

    Today we had gold and white color event!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played bunny catch, fashion shows, hide and seek, fast typer and had giveaway of yellow color t-shirt. 😉

    I hope everyone had fun at the event, cya cool pandas on mpd 😀 🐼

    gold and white day 1.png

    gold and white 2.png

    gold and white 3.png

    gold and white 4.png

    gold and white 5.png

    1. Bethi


      uuuu i love our pic 😘💕

  8. hi panda friends,

    Today we had aqua color event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played Simon Says, bunny catch, fashion shows, hide and seek and had giveaway of blue rainbow shirt.

    The event was very fun, cya on mpd 😉 😎

    aqua day 1.png

    aqua day 2.png

    aqua day 3.png

    1. Bethi


      this event was sweet :) @Dilly did a excellent job👼. love ur pics 😘💞

    2. eggplant80


      yes the event was very fun @Dilly is a very good hoster the pandas seem to have fun with her, and the pictures are very good thx sweetie 😍 😘 

    3. Bethi


      of course 😉👼

  9. hi panda friends,

    Today we had black and purple color event 😃

    We played Guess the song, fashion shows, bunny catch, hide and seek and the giveaway is the hat I'm wearing on my player card as seen below.

    I hope you all has fun at the event, cya on mpd  😎 🐼

    black and purple day 1.png

    black and purple day 2.png

    black and purple day 3.png

    black and purple day 4.png

    1. Bethi


      Nice outfit 👍 love ur pics ❤️😘

    2. eggplant80


      thanks sweetie 😘♥️

  10. So today we had romanian-bulgarian lessons and then we went to a very special and magical place!

    Screenshot (1221).png

  11. hi panda friends,

    Today we had an unofficial New Years event hosted by @rosie45656 🎉

    We played fashion shows, fast typer, emote game. @rosie45656 did an awesome job hosting the event, cya on mpd 😃 🎉

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎉 🎊 🎇 🎆

    rosie45656 new year event 1.png

    rosie45656 new year event 2.png

    rosie45656 new year event 3.png

    rosie45656 new year event 4.png

    rosie45656 new year event 5.png

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    2. eggplant80


      Im glad that you like the pictures @rosie45656, the event was alot of fun, I hope everyone enjoyed the event, cya on mpd 😃

    3. Bethi


      Excellent job honey 😘 

    4. eggplant80


      thx sweetie ❤️ 😘

  12. Happy new year everyone! New code:newyears19.png

  13. Happy New Year Everyone and Have a Good Year


    1. Suzukipb10


      nice way to start the year Skippy 🤩 😀

    2. PapaJohn


      Happy New Year!

    3. Bethi


      Happy New Year!!!

  14. Now let's see these new items I got. 😄 


  15. FINALLY! Got everything from Chilly!



  16. some photos from the party Special Panda Visit 

    1. @Pierre 2. @Sheriff 3.@Lily 4.Santa Claus 🎅
    • As a note for everyone Sheriff announced that his friend list is now full



    image.png.e2286920775652bb30d5d053ed03cbd3.pnga few pandas going over to hug Santa/ super excited pandas 😄




    1. team singers tibiman won 2. team keepers rosie45656 won 3. team pirates Slayder won

    1. eggplant80
    2. Suzukipb10


      @eggplant80 thanks and yeah I enjoyed the event too👍

  17. hi panda friends,

    Today @Sheriff, @Lily and @Pierre are coming too see us!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    We asked the mascots questions, @Lily sang her favorite song "My Heart will go on", we broke up into 3 teams, Lily's team was the singers, Sheriff's team was the keepers and Pierre's team was the pirates, we had a fashion on the teams winners of each team is pictured below, we played Guess the Song, Santa came to visit as a surprise visit, we got a rug as a giveaway as seen below and another giveaway but I don't know what it was 🤨.

    The event was very fun 😃 cya on mpd

    mascot visit 1.png

    mascot visit 2.png

    mascot visit 3.png

    mascot visit 4.png

    mascot visit 5.png

    mascot visit 6.png

    mascot visit 7.png

    mascot visit 8.png

    mascot visit 9.png

    mascot visit 10.png

    1. Suzukipb10


      great review of the party today 

    2. eggplant80


      thx @Suzukipb10 I enjoyed the event , I hope you did too 😃

  18. The winter intro I was going to add in for my News with You #4 although I ran out of space.

    A short review of some items from Lily this year





    top hats, ice skates and a few other items are also listed with Lily


  19. Winter Festival items from Chilly


    more details of the items in the first spoiler tab 🎅



    winter tree hats up close (ornaments look pretty)



    Winter Flashback Time 



    In 2008 there was a winter runway and now we have it this year in 2018 


    I think this was in 2011 but I thought I would show this photo since it looks really nice 


    2018 winter runway

    Winter locations this year (pictures were taken way earlier before everyone had santa hats 🤭)



    image.png.5032a86a8eb7e48bbc58c3bad1986f55.pngexample of the santa hats




    I tried taking the photo when the Christmas lights shined but it's a bit hard to see it unless you zoom up close. 



    Jim and Mr.Elmhurst being sneaky before showing their holiday cheer 🤫


    Clothing Co. ready for Christmas shoppers


  20. Hi panda friends,

    Today we had ice blue color event!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    We played fashion shows, simon says, trivia, bunny catch and had giveaway of 700 coins 😃

    Those were the highlights of the event cya on mpd 🐼 😎

    ice blue color event 1.png

    ice blue color event 2.png

    ice blue color event 3.png

    ice blue color event 4.png

    ice blue color event 5.png

    1. Bethi


      Nice pics 😘 i hope u enjoyed this event ❤️

    2. eggplant80


      yes the event was nice 😘 ❤️

  21. The Christmas gifts that we got under the mPD tree 🎄




    stocking items for Winter Festival

    For my MPD News with You #4 post for the holiday season I'm hoping I can make it before the end of December but I still need some items to collect and to show the decor with it as well. So I hope you panda players are alright with waiting for that late update. 🤞 _noidea__by_dumnezeu.gif

    Edited by Suzukipb10
  22. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎄 🎉 🎅

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and that we all have a great new year in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Holidays 2018.png

    1. Suzukipb10


      Happy Holidays to you too eggplant80 🎄

    2. Bethi


      Happy Holidays honey 😘❤️

    3. eggplant80


      happy holidays @Suzukipb10 🎄

      Happy Holidays sweetie 😘 🎄 😍

  23. Today we had green and red color event!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played fast typer, fashion shows, trivia, simon says, hide and seek, bunny catch and giveaway of yellow clover shirt 😃

    I hope that everyone enjoyed the event, cya on mpd 🐼 😎!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    green and red day 1.png

    green and red day 2.png

    green and red day 3.png

    green and red day 4.png

    green and red day 5.png

    green and red day 6.png

    green and red day 7.png

    1. Bethi


      i hope u enjoyed this event ❤️😘

    2. eggplant80


      yes the event was fun 😍 💙

  24. hi panda friends,

    Today was Christmas music event!!!!!!!!!! 🎄🎉

    We talked about music, @DJFang asked us questions about songs, we played guess the song, @DJFang played Christmas music, went fishing at fishing hole, then we did oldies edition of Guess the Song.

    We had giveaway of 200 coins, 5 panda gold and purple dancing tee has giveaways.

    The event was very fun, I hope everyone enjoyed the event cya on mpd. 😃 😎







    music day event dec 2018.png

    music day event dec 2018 2.png

    music day event dec 2018 3.png

    music day event dec 2018 4.png

    music day event dec 2018 5.png

    music day event dec 2018 7.png

    music day event dec 2018 6.png

  25. ~ Ready for the christmas! ~



  26. Wanna A Sprite Cranberry? 


  27. hi panda friends,

    Today we had ice blue and white pet event!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played fashion shows, bunny catch, simon says, hide and seek, ghost catch and had a giveaway of 700 coins those are the highlights of the event, cya on mpd 😃


    white pet event dec 2018 1.png

    white pet event dec 2018 2.png

    white pet event dec 2018 3.png

    white pet event dec 2018 4.png

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