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  3. hi panda friends,

    Today we had green and gold color day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played bunny catch 🐰, ghost catch 👻, fashion shows and had giveaways of 2 panda gold and green color shirt as seen in the picture below. 😁 😎

    I hope everyone had fun at the event, cya on mPD!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐼





    green and gold day 1.png

    green and gold day 2.png

    green and gold day 3.png

    green and gold day 4.png

    green and gold day 5.png

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  5. hi panda friends,

    Today we had a tree house contest in a spring theme, the winners are in the pictures below 😃

    The last tree house is @Bethi tree house her tree house is very springlike and beautiful, don't you agree? 😊

    The winners got the winner rug and the giveaway was 1,000 coins 😎

    cya on mpd 🐼


    th contest march 2019 1.png

    th contest march 2019 2.png

    th contest march 2019 3.png

    th contest march 2019 4.png

    th contest march 2019 5.png

    th contest march 2019 6.png

    th contest march 2019 7.png

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    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie, your tree house is very spring like i love it and i love you ❤️ 😘

    3. Suzukipb10


      I agree it's very springlike for Bethi treehouse and yours too eggplant80. 🌺

    4. eggplant80
  6. Earlier
  7. hi panda friends,

    Today we had red color event!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    We played ghost catch 👻, bunny catch 🐇, fashion shows and giveaways of 200 coins and red color shirt as seen on my picture below 😃

    cya on mPD 😁 🐼

    red color event march 2019 1.png

    red color event march 2019 2.png

    red color event march 2019 3.png

    red color event march 2019 4.png

    1. Bethi


      nice red guy 😘

    2. eggplant80


      yes lol im very red guy hahaha 🤣 😍

  8. hi pandas,

    Today we had cinema event!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We watched videos in the cinema.😎 😁

    The giveaways were 700 coins and binoculars 👍

    I hope you pandas had fun at the event, cya on mPD 😆 😊



    cinema event 1.png

    cinema event 2.png

    cinema event 3.png

    Edited by eggplant80
    1. Bethi


      nice pics 😘

    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie ❤️ 😍

  9. hi panda friends,

    Today we had meet the team aka staff event!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The team are @DJFang, @Rubi, @Alexxa, @Vasy, @mimiiee, @Andrew, @Dilly we got ice cream at the big scoop, fashion shows and had giveaway of a fluffy mPD Tee as seen on the picture below 😎

    cya on mPD 🐼 😁


    staff meeting march 2019 1.png

    staff meeting march 2019 2.png

    staff meeting march 2019 3.png

    staff meeting march 2019 4.png

    staff meeting march 2019 5.png

    1. Bethi


      excellent job 😘

    2. eggplant80
  10. hi panda friends,

    Today we had pet day event!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐭 🐶 🐇 🐱 🐉 🐹 

    We talked about the pets we have on mpd and we gave suggestions about new ideas for pets, we played fashion shows, hide and seek, bunny catch and had giveaway of blue pet house pictured below. 😁

    Happy International Women's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cya cool pandas on mpd 😎 🐼

    pet day march 2019 1.png

    pet day march 2019 2.png

    pet day march 2019 3.png

    pet day march 2019 4.png

    pet day march 2019 5.png

    1. Bethi


      the event was fun 😉😎

    2. eggplant80


      yes i liked the pet event where all the pandas were pets 🐲 😘

  11. found this in the ye olde 2016 archives


  12. hi panda friends,

    Today we had game day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐇 🐰 👻 👻 ⚽ 🏈 🏀 ⚾

    We played ghost catch, bunny catch, fashion shows, hide and seek, emote game and for the giveaway we got the light blue ice cream cone t-shirt 😃

    That was the event for today cya cool pandas on mpd 😎 🐼

    game day march 2019 1.png

    game day march 2019 2.png

    game day march 2019 4.png

    game day march 2019 5.png

  13. hi panda friends,

    Today we had mardi gras event!!!!!!! 🎉 🎈 💥

    We played fashion shows themes were purple, green, yellow, gold, we played ghost catch 👻, hide and seek and had giveaways of purple color shirt, 1 panda gold and 200 coins 😆

    cya on mpd 😎


    mardi gras march 2019 1.png

    mardi gras march 2019 2.png

    mardi gras march 2019 3.png

    mardi gras march 2019 4.png

    1. Bethi


      i hope u enjoyed the event 😘

    2. eggplant80


       the event was fun 😘

  14. hi panda friends,

    Today we had white, green and red color event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We did fashion shows of red, green and white, watched some videos in the cinema and had giveaways of white ski goggle hat, red bandanna and green guitar shirt 😆

    The event was fun cya on mpd 🐼 😎

    wgr day 1.png

    wgr day 2.png

    wgr day 3.png

    wgr day 4.png

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    2. eggplant80


      @DJFang was a great host for the event, the event was lots of fun 😍

    3. DJFang


      thank you guys!

    4. eggplant80


      your welcome @DJFang 😃 

  15. hi panda friends 🐼

    Today we had bunny potion event 🐇 🐰 🐇 🐰

    We played games as bunnies ( bunny catch, ghost catch), played line 4, fashion shows and had a giveaway of dark blue bunny shirt 😃

    I hope everyone enjoyed being a bunny at the event 🐇 hoppitty hop hop lol 😄

    cya on mpd 🐼 😆

    bunny potion day 1.png

    bunny potion day 2.png

    bunny potion day 3.png

    bunny potion day 4.png

    bunny potion day 5.png

    bunny potion day 6.png

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    2. eggplant80


      thx @Suzukipb10 I like night sky too 😃

    3. Bethi


      the event was cool 😉


    4. eggplant80


      yes the event was fun ❤️ 😘

  16. image.png.67faa9e5b539f5e9d0552a5e78a897e7.png

    Welcome to mPD News with you #5, my name is Suzukipb10 and today we are talking about the friendship festival event that started yesterday.  

    First visit Lily and Mr. Elmhurst for the heart theme items and for your treehouse.



    A few examples of the type of heart theme items we can get from Lily.


    I recommend the heart glasses and the beating heart shirts.

    Fishing Hole Prizes from Lucy





    Places decorated ❤️





  17. hi panda friends,

    Today was friendship day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👫👬👭👫👬👭

    We played fashion shows, hide and seek, fast typer and had a giveaway of friendship necklace as seen on the picture below 😁

    I hope everyone is enjoying the friendship festival, I sure am 😎

    cya on mpd 🐼 😆


    friendship day feb 2019 1.png

    friendship day feb 2019 2.png

    friendship day feb 2019 3.png

    friendship day feb 2019 4.png

  18. hi pandas,

    Today we had fisherman's event or fisherpandas event!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐠 🐟 🐠 🐟 🐼

    We fished at fishing hole, coconut beach, starfish island, faraway desert but no fishing there we did do two fashion shows with summer theme and sea blue, last destination was lake land rofl 😆

    We had giveaways of 100 coins and a blue flower hat, the event was very interesting, cya on mpd 😁

    fisherman event 1.png

    fisherman event 2.png

    fisherman event 3.png

    fisherman event 4.png

    1. Bethi


      the event was great 😉

    2. eggplant80


      the event was very fun 🐟 💕 😘

  19. The most elite fishermen on point


  20. hi pandas,

    Today was @Sheriff event day!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played fashion shows, we watched mpandanda flashwind 2018 in the cinema, played hide and seek and Sheriff gave us 1 panda gold for the giveaway 😃

    We had lots of fun with @Sheriff cya on mpd 😁

    sheriff event feb 2019 1.png

    sheriff event feb 2019 2.png

    sheriff event feb 2019 3.png

  21. hi panda friends,

    Today we had level 50 event on Oak server your panda had to be level 50 or greater to be at the event!!!!!!!

    We rode our dragons (red or grey) that we got when we got to level 50, played fashion shows, bunny catch and had giveaway of red level 50 shirt. 👕 😄

    cya on mpd 😃

    level 50 event feb 2019 1.png

    level 50 event feb 2019 2.png

    level 50 event feb 2019 3.png

    level 50 event feb 2019 4.png

    level 50 event feb 2019 5.png

    level 50 event feb 2019 6.png

    1. Bethi


      I hope u enjoyed the event 😘🙂

    2. eggplant80


      the event was fine ❤️ 😁

  22. Howdy Pandas! Thanks for sending your stories. They did show that this community is amazing and it's a place where you can meet wonderful people. Since we loved all stories, we decided to make all participants winners. Congratulations to @safej16, @LeeLiana, @Andreea2120, @Inumimi and @jus123tin. Thanks @Vasy for sharing your story as well. The winners win an exclusive Memories Tee and 1202 coins.
  23. hi panda friends,

    Today we had a birthday event for @Lily !!!!!!! 🎉 🎊 🎉 🍾🍾🍾🎈🎈

    I don't know how old Lily is, I only think she knows how old she is and she is 23 years old😎

    Happy birthday Lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😃 🎉 🎈

    At the event we told Lily Happy Birthday ate some mpd birthday cake, watched the minions birthday song video in the cinema, fashions shows and had giveaways of 2 panda gold and the white guitar shirt as seen below. 😎

    I hope everyone had fun at Lily's party, cya on mpd 😄


    lily bday 2019 1.png

    lily bday 2019 2.png

    lily bday 2019 3.png

    lily bday 2019 4.png

    lily bday 2019 5.png

    lily bday 2019 6.png

    1. Bethi


      Happy Birthday  Lily  🎂🎉  Nice pics honey 😄😘

    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie i love the picture of us ❤️ 😘

  24. i really love this game


  25. One of my favorite memories of mPD was reuniting with my old friend eggplant80. We are very good friends and we have known each other for 10 years now, in the start of 2019. mPandanda has handed me a great experiences with meeting new people, playing games, and just hanging out with the staff in general. It would be very hard to put into words on how close this game has gotten to me. It brought back many memories from the original Pandanda, and made it into it's own + better. Generally speaking, it has been a great experience and it is incredible because, you make very impeccable bonds with other people from all over the world. One of my favorite experiences within mPandanda was the Sweet Love Event! It truly showed how all of us could become one and enjoy one another's company. This was also the event where I met most of our wonderful staff! I enjoy being around positive people on mPandanda, and there is always a great vibe hanging out will all of you guys. I started playing Pandanda in 2010 and now recently coming back to mPD in early 2019. I believe that it is important to realize how strong and connected we are. All of us enjoy one another's company and we are always friendly, especially our exquisite staff! mPD is what I call my Family
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