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    Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and that we all have a great new year in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Today we had green and red color event!!!!!!!!!!! We played fast typer, fashion shows, trivia, simon says, hide and seek, bunny catch and giveaway of yellow clover shirt I hope that everyone enjoyed the event, cya on mpd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hi panda friends, Today @Sheriff, @Lily and @Pierre are coming too see us!!!!!!!!!!!! We asked the mascots questions, @Lily sang her favorite song "My Heart will go on", we broke up into 3 teams, Lily's team was the singers, Sheriff's team was the keepers and Pierre's team was the pirates, we had a fashion on the teams winners of each team is pictured below, we played Guess the Song, Santa came to visit as a surprise visit, we got a rug as a giveaway as seen below and another giveaway but I don't know what it was . The event was very fun cya on mpd
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    hi panda friends, Today was Christmas music event!!!!!!!!!! We talked about music, @DJFang asked us questions about songs, we played guess the song, @DJFang played Christmas music, went fishing at fishing hole, then we did oldies edition of Guess the Song. We had giveaway of 200 coins, 5 panda gold and purple dancing tee has giveaways. The event was very fun, I hope everyone enjoyed the event cya on mpd.
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    some photos from the party Special Panda Visit @Pierre 2. @Sheriff 3.@Lily 4.Santa Claus As a note for everyone Sheriff announced that his friend list is now full a few pandas going over to hug Santa/ super excited pandas 1. team singers tibiman won 2. team keepers rosie45656 won 3. team pirates Slayder won
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    Hi panda friends, Today we had ice blue color event!!!!!!!!!!!! We played fashion shows, simon says, trivia, bunny catch and had giveaway of 700 coins Those were the highlights of the event cya on mpd
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    hi panda friends, Today we had ice blue and white pet event!!!!!!!!!!! We played fashion shows, bunny catch, simon says, hide and seek, ghost catch and had a giveaway of 700 coins those are the highlights of the event, cya on mpd
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    The Christmas gifts that we got under the mPD tree stocking items for Winter Festival For my MPD News with You #4 post for the holiday season I'm hoping I can make it before the end of December but I still need some items to collect and to show the decor with it as well. So I hope you panda players are alright with waiting for that late update.
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    The winter intro I was going to add in for my News with You #4 although I ran out of space. A short review of some items from Lily this year top hats, ice skates and a few other items are also listed with Lily
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    Winter Festival items from Chilly more details of the items in the first spoiler tab Winter Flashback Time Winter locations this year (pictures were taken way earlier before everyone had santa hats )
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    hi panda friends, Today we had a staff meeting where we met the mpd staff!!!!!!!!!!!! Pandas asked staff questions and staff asked pandas questions. The entire staff of mpd came to the meeting and they are @DJFang, @Dilly, @Vasy , @Andrew, @Rubi and @Alexxa We played Guess The Song and had a giveaway of a Japanese headband, I hope you had fun at the event cya on mpd
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    hi pandas, Today we had level 34 event on Palm server!!!!!!!!!!!! We played pen the pig, fashion shows, bunny catch and had giveaway of red level t-shirt I hope everyone had fun the level 34 event, cya cool panda on mpd
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    hi panda friends, Today we had frosty potion event We played bunny catch, hide and seek, fashion shows, emoji game and had a giveaway of orange snowman tee I hope that everyone enjoyed the event, cya on mpd
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    hi panda friends, Today we had snow day event!!!!!!!!!!!! We played bunny catch, Simon says we got the snizzle fizzle potion to bounce in bubbles then we got the turbo potion to run around fast then we got the super bunny potion, fashion shows, then we got the frosty potion, then we got turbo potion to be fast snowmen then we had a giveaway of the king laurel leaf crown The event was alot of fun when used all those potions, cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hi panda friends, Today I got too level 135 in Quests!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the new shirts pictured below Happy questing everyone, cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi snowy pandas on Thursday the March of the Snowmen started and our panda town was decorated with snowmen. For this day we can get snowman shirts, dress like a snowman/ use the potion and put some in our own treehouse. During the week we also got a few more to visit our panda town. The Snowman appear Extra locations later on
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    hi panda friends, Today we had white color day event!!!!!!!!!!!!! We played hide and seek, fashion shows, bunny catch, emoji game and had white color day shirt as a giveaway cya on mpd
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    hi panda friends, Today we had new pet day event!!!!!!!!!!!! @Rubi hosted this event We played show the emoji game, fast typer, we had a discussion about pets in the pet shop, we got the pet potion and we turned into pets!!!!!!!!!!!!, played bunny catch, fashion shows, hide and seek and had giveaways of black and pink icy blue pet shirts. The event was very fun @Rubi is an awesome community manager!!!!!!!!!!! cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!
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