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    Pandanda has been in my childhood, through my teens, even now as I'm on the brink of reaching adulthood. I've gained many friends, lost some, and also seen a lot of versions of pandanda come and end. Even so, none compared to this one. I've never seen such an interactive community who is determined to continue on even if their connection point ends. Thanks to everyone for being part of my growth and I can't wait to see what comes next
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    Today we recorded flashwind and before that, we had a bubble potion event!
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    Recap of this week's events (August 12-August 19) Events now start at 11:59 AM mPandanda Time and since then they are way more funnier! Blue and Yellow Color Day Ghost Leaf Potion Day (how ironic ) Red and Brown Color Day Trivia Day - 2 hour event! We've asked you over 35 questions. Winner was @BrunnuNunnu2 with 11 guesses. She won Red Winner T-Shirt for her Panda. Thanks everyone for joining the fun! We are looking forward to next week events.
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    new name lotuscup
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    oof this thing was once full of people
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