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    I've had this design for over a year. Follow for a new updated home reveal soon!
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    Light Colors Day fashion show! (09.07.2019)
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    Here are the pictures from the Ice Cream Day! Hope you enjoyed it and had fun.
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  5. 3 points
    Level 75 Party!
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    Today on the favorite hat day we played fashion show and hide and seek. We went to cinema listened to music and watched music videos :D
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    Fun Party at Harkir's house! We met yesterday after flag day party (Harkir, Caspian, Fluffydash, EllieVLA, and safej16) at Ellie's house and talked, had fun and harkir decided to make a party today again
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    Flag Day! This pic is taken when we had a fashion show and the theme was pink
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    Ice Cream Day on 5th July 2019 We enjoyed Ice Cream and played fashion show and some other games later got Dark Blue Chill Ice Cream Shirt
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    Here are the pictures from the Pineapple Day event! Hope you had fun!
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    just bought a new house
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    I'm back right now at after party with some other people
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    pineapple day photos from today's party #pineapple squad
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    Watermelon twins and watermelon drink twins.
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    I think I found my pineapple twin.
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    Here are the pictures from the Summer Fashion Show event! Hope you enjoyed it and had fun despite the fact I had some internet/power issues.
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    Hey there, mPandas! Last night we had Staff Meeting. Lots of fun and communication and for the first time in ages, we had so many people! First staff asked Pandas different questions, we even announced 3 points: 1. Calendar is coming up soon! 2. We revealed the new nature themed upcoming festival; 3. A very special announcement in the weeks to come. We played Pen the Pig and Line Four and players shared their suggestions about the game and asked the team questions. What is an event without a Fashion Show? We also did one special summer-themed Fashion Show. We had a giveaway of a white mPD tee. See you on mPandanda, it was a fun event
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    Hello summer pandas welcome to the overview of the summer fest that's currently going on. places decorated for summer The prizes from Kapono, a few outfits to show from Lily and the pandas around town
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    hi pandas, Summer Festival has started on mPD!!!!!! The theme of the festival is watermelons and pineapples Lily in bear hollow has many festival items to buy and Mr. Elmhurst has lots of tree house festival furniture. The festival goes from June 19th till July 3rd. Make sure that you get all your prizes before the festival ends My favorite prize is the player background its very bright and I like the watermelons and pineapples on it The hat is very funny looking but I like it. What is your favorite prize? Have fun at the festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The second quest for Jungle Fest has started, visit Pierre and when you complete the quest you will get a pretty jungle shirt.
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    Hello wild jungle pandas welcome to the Jungle Festival that started today, the first quest is from Lily which we will receive a coconut and she also has some exploring items for us to wear. The green dates are for the next quests that will probably happen for the fest. July 18th July 20th July 22nd July 24th July 26th July 28th I love the jungle details for this fest.
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    Today was a cinema party and later played fashion show in the purple door
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    Here are the pictures from Ocean Color Day! I hope you enjoyed the event and had fun!
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    Here are the pictures from Yellow Color Day. Hope you enjoyed the event!
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    Pictures from the Dragon Tears Potion Day. Giveaway was 2 Panda Gold. Hope you enjoyed today's event!
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