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    #SummerBreakMood Autumn is my favorite season, in case if none knew that. Frosty is my sugar-daddy Last but not least my achievements!
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    Wild Animal Day Event! played a lot of games, talked and had fun :D
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    a picture from today's little potion party!
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    July Treehouse contest The theme was Forest and the winners were @Morty and @Letty They got Contest winner rug and 5 gold, later who participated at this event got 1000 coins too
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    Recap of this week's events (August 12-August 19) Events now start at 11:59 AM mPandanda Time and since then they are way more funnier! Blue and Yellow Color Day Ghost Leaf Potion Day (how ironic ) Red and Brown Color Day Trivia Day - 2 hour event! We've asked you over 35 questions. Winner was @BrunnuNunnu2 with 11 guesses. She won Red Winner T-Shirt for her Panda. Thanks everyone for joining the fun! We are looking forward to next week events.
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    Recap of this week's events (August 5-August 9)
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    We had a fantastic and at the same time weird (in a good way) horse racing event today. Definitely will repeat it next month for a last time.
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    Today is my last day on mPD... I'm sad that I have to leave right now at this moment. Having the best memories spending time with friends at events, festivals, and the random time during the day. Sadly, some things have to come to end but there is always a beginning to every ending. Thank you to all of my friends and the mPandanda Team. Love you all . Here is some of my favorite outfits from each season! Crazy Bunny! Lily's Twin, lol.
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    Good morning pandas today is the last prize and we have our first quest from John on West Market Street. The prizes are 20 panda gold, a jungle shirt and 5000 coins. If you still need to get your Jungle Fest items you will have two more days before the event ends.
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    It's another day for the Jungle Fest quests, so we have Jim for today and the prize is a plant. I think dragon pets like to hide behind it as well. so many dragons staring at me today lol
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    At fishing hole our quest from Joe will give us the prize of jungle shorts. (now we have a full palm tree look)
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    A picture from Forest Day event!
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    The second quest for Jungle Fest has started, visit Pierre and when you complete the quest you will get a pretty jungle shirt.
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