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  1. Re-united My favorite moment was meeting my old best friend Randy (Originally RanRan from Old PD). It started on twitter when i was going to delete my account but then suddenly got a message from him out of nowhere... I couldn't believe it, I've tried to get in touch with him in the past but with no success... I was HYPED lol... So we talked for a bit and then he brought up mPandanda, i told him i made a account a year prior but only used it once and right there he told me to get on... So i did and at long last... Our pandas met again... We chatted for a long time and it was great, the fact we are meeting, talking, on a game we both grew up with, was a awesome feeling... And since then I've been playing mPandanda almost everyday. Making new friends, meeting old friends/old players, and making new memories and moments.... But this moment, will always be my favorite... Atleast at the very top of my list
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