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  1. Farewell, me mateys! Fair winds!Screenshot_1.png.d2b568b577bf882da67e103066127dc8.pngScreenshot_2.png.c97a20e009885798f7917e49913af46d.pngScreenshot_3.png.4f5ed92b6bf3fca0378604db77d059bc.pngScreenshot_4.png.915e717b9f4a5bde4612736c61fe11f5.pngScreenshot_5.png.830bfe4adcc94e5a57eff44be52332fe.pngScreenshot_6.png.ffe3dbfe891cdedf0362cb1de4cffd82.pngScreenshot_7.png.88452edc742a6255019a884380c508ce.png

    1. PapaJohn


      We'll all miss you, Pierre! Love you 

  2. Ye be visiting for ye one last time, mateys! 11:00 am mPD time today!

  3. Arr! Th'ay winner of this contest ye be @Suzukipb10, thanks for joining! Congratulations, ye have won big pirate booty - ye 500 Gold o' Panda!
  4. What's ye best Row Your Boat score me mateys? Don't forget to try your best and post it in my contest! https://mpandanda.ga/index.php?/topic/163-adventure-through-th-icebergs/


  5. Thar ye be great me mateys! Keep the good work up, would like to see more sailors joining me challenge, har har!
  6. Har har! 


  7. Ahoy Pandas! 'tis me Pierre! Did ye know th' pirates love th' competitions? Prolly nah, har har! On me first official meet-up, I saw that ye be all brave 'n ready fer dangerous adventures. But are ye? I challenge ye t' make th' most highest score on that Row Yer Boat game. When ye reach yer maximum potential, show me a picture o' yer score. Beware fer th' large icebergs comin' at yer galleon at every single level. Good luck through yer adventure me scallywags! Me in Lighthouse Island if ye dunno har har!
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