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  1. My favourite moment is when I found out that mPandanda is a thing. When I found out that pandanda shut down, I was sad. I checked the site, every few months to see if it had come back, but it never did. May 2018 I was talking to a friend about how there used to be a game called pandanda and told them what it was like. I went to Google pictures of the game to show them and ended up seeing a blog post that said pandanda is back. I then googled it and found mPandanda. I instantly made an account and went online. I started saying hello to everyone and telling them about how I love the game and was hoping for it to come back. I started doing the quests and fishing and bought a lot of clothes with the coins. It was a very happy day and I will always remember how happy I was when I saw the game had come back. I wish I found out earlier but its never too late to become a panda. Another good memory is when I found out that admins and mods host events. That wasn't a thing on the old pandanda, so this was new. I think it's amazing how involved the mods and admins are with mPandanda. The game is a lot better than the old versions of it were. It's fun to play and has an amazing community. Every event I have taken part of has been a lot of fun
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