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  1. oof this thing was once full of people

  2. Hey there, mPandas! 😄

    Last night we had Staff Meeting. Lots of fun and communication and for the first time in ages, we had so many people!

    First staff asked Pandas different questions, we even announced 3 points:

    1. Calendar is coming up soon!

    2. We revealed the new nature themed upcoming festival;

    3. A very special announcement in the weeks to come.

    We played Pen the Pig and Line Four and players shared their suggestions about the game and asked the team questions.

    What is an event without a Fashion Show? We also did one special summer-themed Fashion Show.

    We had a giveaway of a white mPD tee.


    See you on mPandanda, it was a fun event 😄unknown.png


  3. We've just upgraded the Forums and we've added two themes - IPS Gradient and Spectrum, they can be found by clicking 'Themes' at the bottom of the page.

  4. Don't forget to like our new post & Facebook page!

  5. Don't forget to like our Facebook page! https://facebook.com/mpandanda

  6. found this in the ye olde 2016 archives


  7. The most elite fishermen on point


  8. we didnt see that train coming


  9. Happy new year everyone! New code:newyears19.png

  10. and mPD stands for... macarena!


  11. Welcome back to the Forums, mPandas!

  12. the trivia was wild


  13. Sign up for our trivia that's happening tomorrow at 11:00 am mPD time! https://discord.gg/2ThkKrK

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