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  1. Happy birthday to me and a happy valentine to you! ❤️

  2. A warm welcome There are multiple moments in which Mpandanda has brought on a striking interest to me. Examples of this can be the events that are held, the games that we play, and even the teasing of close friends. My favorite moment, however, does not stem inside the game but on the discord intended for it. Around the month of January 2019, I had recalled this game when having a spew of nostalgia hit me. Being the curious person I was, I decided to go on for old times sake. At first, I was upset because it seemed my friends were removed and I couldn't exactly add them back unless I had seen them again but it was worth it considering I made new friends who are all just as awesome. Coincidently, someone who also was in a long period of inactivity came online at the same time I did, so we had a nostalgic chat and welcomed each other back. I met eggplant not too long after where he had explained what I had missed, what happened to some players, and just a general discussion to inform me. Afterward, I noticed the discord. Me, who is active on discord was very excited and anticipated to join. The first thing I saw was welcome messages from a few amounts of people. It felt warming and joyful that people greeted me. With becoming active on the discord, I was introduced to awesome people like Jid, (JiddyJad), Safe (Safej16), Evest (Vasy), Inu (Inumimi), and so much more where that came from, but if I listed everyone, this entire thing would be just a member list! We played question games to find out more about each other, joined voice channels to play together or listen to music together, and simply talked about life. Everyone is so unique and interesting, not to mention kind and funny. So if I were to choose my favorite moment, it would be the moment I returned to this amazing game, only to meet each and every one of you.
  3. Happy Birthday, Mpd! The event thus far has been so fun! Rubi made us a cake, we got a cinema, and some outfits to celebrate the birthday! 😄
    We played games such as fashion show, who can type the fastest, hide and seek, and bunny catch! I'm glad to be a part of such an awesome community 🙂

    1. Suzukipb10


      nice photos to celebrate this great party 🙂

  4. a certain someone @eggplant80 *cough* convinced me to get a lil' pet 😄
    cute bundled up on the carpet, right? 😄

    1. Suzukipb10


      cute ice blue dragon and what did you name it 

    2. eggplant80


      pets are cute I have 19 of them just make sure you take of your pet or it will fly back to the pet shop 😃 🐲 

    3. LeeLiana


      I named it Gloomy 🙂 and yeah, I'll keep an eye on it, thanks!

  5. Tanning in the winter time? Why not? 🙂


  6. Haven't been on in over a year I believe, ahah, hello everyone o/

  7. I'm back sort of! Good to see the game up and running and sad to see myself inactive.

    1. DJFang


      Ay, welcome back! Looking forward to meeting you again.

    2. LeeLiana
    3. DJFang


      You're welcome.

  8. Well, I haven't been on here in a while. There is now a forum so cool I guess?

    1. DJFang


      Glad you like it1

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