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  1. Today is my last day on mPD... I'm sad that I have to leave right now at this moment. Having the best memories spending time with friends at events, festivals, and the random time during the day. Sadly, some things have to come to end but there is always a beginning to every ending. Thank you to all of my friends and the mPandanda Team. Love you all ❤️

    Here is some of my favorite outfits from each season! 🙂

    Crazy Bunny! 


    Lily's Twin, lol.


    1. Rubi


      Hope to see you back soon on mPandanda! 😄 September is not so far away sadly. 😕

      Edited by Rubi
    2. DJFang


      Feel invited to join the final on Saturday, September 28, 11:00 am mPD time.

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