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Your Story Contest

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Howdy Pandas!

mPandanda is 3!  This is such a long time and for sure all of us have either good and bad moments in this incredible virtual world. 

In this contest, things are simple. You tell your favourite moment in mPandanda - during a festival, event, on our Discord server, here in Forums, with friends or even alone.

Example format:

Heading (Title):

Text: Make sure to be long (higher chances to win)

Conclusion (optional):

Picture (optional, if possible):

The contest will end on Monday, February 18 and winners will be announced the day after. They will win a special Memroies Tee and 1202 coins. We are excited to see your stories and wish you good luck. Write your story below and log in with your mPandanda Account if needed.

-mPandanda Team

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