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Community Spotlight: Blogs

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So with the new forums being out, we decided to make the feature called blogs more public. That's right! You can have YOUR OWN BLOG for free without having to care for anything! How cool is that? Rules apply there too, apart from the rule for English only. So let's get a blog, shall we?

Heeaaaad over to the Browse section above/aside. Depending on your theme, you either hover it or click it to reveal the contents. Click on the blogs from the dropdown list.

Now in the page that opens, click the Create a Blog button. Give it a name, write a short description and that's it! You're ready to write your first entry. Here is a preview in the Dispersion theme.


Click on Create a New Entry to write a new post. You can also schedule when the post to go live, or keep it as a draft - it's up to you! You can create as many blogs as you want, just please don't overspam the forums with blogs.


Yay, have fun!

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