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  1. Yesterday
  2. Happy Easter pandas and today is the Easter event where we can collect eggs for prizes.🐇


    Lily and Mr. Elmhurst have their Easter theme items.



    super cute Easter chick staffs and bunny slippers/ bunny shirts


    pretty flowers for our treehouse

    Easter Prizes





    Super Bunny potion from Paige image.png.ce1a786d6b2bf83bc872f5366f628b0e.png



    Easter Decorations









  3. Last week
  4. hi panda friends,

    Today we had Easter event!!!!!!!!! 🐇 🐰 🎉

    We talked about Easter, watched funny Easter videos in the cinema, bunny catch 🐇, Easter riddles, fashion shows and the giveaway was a turquoise bunny shirt. 😎

    The Easter event was very fun, I hope everyone has a fun Easter, cya on mPD 😃

    easter event april 2019 1.png

    easter event april 2019 2.png

    easter event april 2019 3.png

    easter event april 2019 4.png

  5. hi panda friends,

    Today @Sheriff came to visit us!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We got ice cream, played line 4, fast typer, watched some videos in the cinema, fashion shows and had giveaway of 650 coins 😃

    I can't wait for the Easter festival to start tomorrow 🐇 🎉

    cya on mPD 👍 😎

    sheriff visit april 2019 1.png

    sheriff visit april 2019 2.png

    sheriff visit april 2019 3.png

    sheriff visit april 2019 4.png

    sheriff visit april 2019 5.png

  6. hi panda friends,

    Today we had wacky outfit day!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played bunny catch 🐇, riddles, ghost catch 👻, fashion shows and had giveaway of magenta music shirt 😁

    That was todays event cya on mPD 😎

    wacky day april 2019 1.png

    wacky day april 2019 2.png

    wacky day april 2019 3.png

  7. Hi pandas i made my wacky outfit for wacky outfit day for tomorrow! 😁 

    Captura de pantalla (1).png

  8. hi panda friends,

    Today we had game day!!!!!!!!!!! 👻 🐇

    We played hide and seek, bunny catch 🐇, guess the number and then colors 🤨 I don't know how these games even work, people just guess random numbers and colors? These games are very weird it like guessing lottery numbers I don't get it 😕, fast typer, fashion shows, ghost catch 👻 and had give aways of green ping pong paddle and 100 coins, 😁

    That was today's event, cya on mPD 🐼 😃

    game day  april 2019 1.png

    game day  april 2019 2.png

    game day  april 2019 3.png

    game day  april 2019 4.png

  9. Earlier
  10. hi pandas,

    Today we had pink and black color event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played hide and seek, went fishing at fishing hole 🐟 🐠, had fashion shows, bunny catch 🐇 and had a giveaway of black and pink beating heart shirt 😉

    That was the event for today, cya on mpd 🐼 😁



    black and pink day 1.png

    black and pink day 2.png

    black and pink day 3.png

    black and pink day 4.png

    black and pink day 5.png

  11. Hi pandas im so sad because i missed the rainbow dragon i hope on a giveeaway they give that dragon please

    1. xphoebex


      But can't you just use the code to get it?  I did that but some days ago 

    2. DJFang


      @xphoebex @pandi44563 The code has expired, sadly, and it's probably never coming back.

    3. xphoebex


      ohhhh so sorry @pandi44563 

  12. Hi everyone since my lime dragon pet hatched here are a few photos and the general pet checklist.


    image.png.95da22deef9e7d8cd7f1f5956c74406e.pngGreen dragon squad🐲



    Edited by Suzukipb10
  13. hi pandas, 

    Today my lime green pet hatched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't he bright and so cute?

    I love the color of him 😃

    cya in mPD 🐲 😉

    lime green pet 1.png

    lime green pet 2.png

    1. Suzukipb10


      so cute 🐉 😃

    2. eggplant80


      yes hes very cute and bright 🐉 😁

  14. hi panda friends,

    Today we had level 60 event on Oak server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played bunny catch 🐇, fast typer, fashion shows and had a giveaway of black level t-shirt as seen in my picture below 😃

    That was the event for today, I hope everyone had fun at the dragon festival and got all the prizes from the dragon quests. My favorite prizes were dragon rug, dragon lamp, pet t-shirt and hat, lime green pet and the best prize of all is the rainbow dragon 😁 🌈 🐉

    level 60 event 1.png

    level 60 event 2.png

    rainbow dragon 1.png

    rainbow dragon 2.png

    1. Bethi


      i hope u enjoyed this event 😘😉

    2. eggplant80


      yes the event was fun 😍 😘

  15. Day #9 Dragon Fest- Go visit Questy again to get a new quest 

    🌈omg the prize is a rainbow dragon plus a little pink color added to it as well

    The code is RAINBOWDRAGON but I recommend that you get your quest done first and then type that in or copy and paste if you really want to.

    image.png.d219f9e75bbf00e6218e18f0c652daba.pngHiding dragon😄



    1. oristar
    2. Kattykote


      I try to do it but the code is expired. Can I still do it?

    3. Suzukipb10


      did you complete the quest first? If it's still available by Questy.

      I'm not sure if it still works but I know that today is a catch up today since it ends tomorrow.



      maybe try asking DJFang 😟

      At the party they mentioned that the quest is gone and pandas can't get it anymore. 😔

  16. hi panda friends,

    Today we had pet companion event!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐉 🐲

    We did fashion shows, hide and seek, bunny catch 🐇 and had giveaway of 400 coins 😃

    That was the event for today, cya on mPD 😁 🐼

    dragon companion event 1.png

    dragon companion event 2.png

    dragon companion event 3.png

    dragon companion event 4.png

    1. Bethi


       excellent pics 😘

    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie 😘

  17. Day #8 Dragon Fest- For today we can visit Izzy again to get a new quest

    The prize that we will receive is a new lime color dragon pet which is great addition and it fits for a Spring theme. (note we don't get to name this dragon pet) 




  18. Day #7 Dragon Fest- Go to Questy 

    It's a really cool quest because we are trying to help tame/ return the dragons and we can become a fire breather like our dragon pets/ companions. 




    Edited by Suzukipb10
  19. hi panda friends,

    Today we had pet potion day!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐉 🐲 🐉 🐲

    We played ghost and bunny catch, hide and seek, Simon says, fashion shows and a giveaway of 500 coins 😁 🐉

    That was the event for the day, cya on mPD 🐼 😃   

    pet potion day april 2019 1.png

    pet potion day april 2019 2.png

    pet potion day april 2019 3.png

    pet potion day april 2019 4.png

  20. Day #6 Dragon Fest

    The quest is from Paige and we get dragon wings headband  


    If you need any help for today's quest just read the spoiler. 


    For the clown nose click on Max and click the donation chest to get the clown wig.


  21. It is dragon fest Day #5, we can go to Max for our quest and the prize is a cute dragon lamp. I think Cheeto likes it too. 


  22. hi panda friends,

    Today we had friends event!!!!!!!!!!! 👫👬👭👫

    We played bunny catch 🐇, Simon says, fast typer, ghost catch 👻, fashion shows and had a giveaway of a friendship flags as seen in the picture below.

    I hope everyone had fun with @Dilly who hosted the friendship event 😃

    cya cool pandas on mPD and make sure you do the one dragon/pet quest everyday to get the prize. My favorite prizes so far is the pet hat and pet rug for your tree house 😁

    later pandas 😉

    friends day april 2019 1.png

    friends day april 2019 2.png

    friends day april 2019 3.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie ❤️

    3. Suzukipb10


      I hope you and Bethi have a fun time at the pet potion party today. 🙂

    4. eggplant80


      I'm sure we will lol 😁

  23. Don't forget to like our new post & Facebook page!

  24. Hi pandas, it is Day #4 dragon fest, we can visit Izzy and get a nice blue pets shirt. It's a perfect match for our pet cap. 


  25. hi panda friends,

    Today we had pet day!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐲 🐉 🐱 🐶 🐕 🐩 🐈 🐇

    We went to abandoned island, faraway desert and coconut beach and then we had fashion shows at Clothing Co., bunny catch 🐇, hide and seek and had giveaway of yellow pet shirt 😃

    That was the event for the day see you on mPD 👍 😊

    pet day april 2019 1.png

    pet day april 2019 2.png

    pet day april 2019 3.png

    pet day april 2019 4.png

    pet day april 2019 5.png

    pet day april 2019 6.png

    1. Bethi


      love ur pics 😘

    2. eggplant80


      thanks baby 😍 😘

  26. Day 3 dragon fest from Lily and we get a dragon mat/ rug. 🙂


    1. DJFang


      Do you like it?

    2. Suzukipb10
  27. Rise and shine sleepy pandas it is day 2 for dragon fest and the prize from Mr. Elmhurst is a blue bed.  😴💤


  28. Hey pandas today we have a brand new festival which is the dragon festival. A few of the rooms are a bit like the pet peeve dragon week.  

    Lily has the pet word shirts/ a few emote shirts and Mr. Elmhurst has pet barn houses which look like the ones in the Community Center.  Also we have quests with prizes to celebrate this event and the first one is from Jim.  (we get a pet cap hat to wear)


    Places decorated





    sneaky ghost dragon pets




    It seems like we might get a new dragon pet from one of these quests I think. (maybe it's the slightly indigo color dragon) 


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