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  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    Today we had a tree house contest in a spring theme, the winners are in the pictures below 😃

    The last tree house is @Bethi tree house her tree house is very springlike and beautiful, don't you agree? 😊

    The winners got the winner rug and the giveaway was 1,000 coins 😎

    cya on mpd 🐼


    th contest march 2019 1.png

    th contest march 2019 2.png

    th contest march 2019 3.png

    th contest march 2019 4.png

    th contest march 2019 5.png

    th contest march 2019 6.png

    th contest march 2019 7.png

  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    Today we had red color event!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    We played ghost catch 👻, bunny catch 🐇, fashion shows and giveaways of 200 coins and red color shirt as seen on my picture below 😃

    cya on mPD 😁 🐼

    red color event march 2019 1.png

    red color event march 2019 2.png

    red color event march 2019 3.png

    red color event march 2019 4.png

  • eggplant80

    hi pandas,

    Today we had cinema event!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We watched videos in the cinema.😎 😁

    The giveaways were 700 coins and binoculars 👍

    I hope you pandas had fun at the event, cya on mPD 😆 😊



    cinema event 1.png

    cinema event 2.png

    cinema event 3.png

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  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    Today we had meet the team aka staff event!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The team are @DJFang, @Rubi, @Alexxa, @Vasy, @mimiiee, @Andrew, @Dilly we got ice cream at the big scoop, fashion shows and had giveaway of a fluffy mPD Tee as seen on the picture below 😎

    cya on mPD 🐼 😁


    staff meeting march 2019 1.png

    staff meeting march 2019 2.png

    staff meeting march 2019 3.png

    staff meeting march 2019 4.png

    staff meeting march 2019 5.png

  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    Today we had pet day event!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐭 🐶 🐇 🐱 🐉 🐹 

    We talked about the pets we have on mpd and we gave suggestions about new ideas for pets, we played fashion shows, hide and seek, bunny catch and had giveaway of blue pet house pictured below. 😁

    Happy International Women's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cya cool pandas on mpd 😎 🐼

    pet day march 2019 1.png

    pet day march 2019 2.png

    pet day march 2019 3.png

    pet day march 2019 4.png

    pet day march 2019 5.png

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