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  • Suzukipb10


    Welcome to mPD News with you #5, my name is Suzukipb10 and today we are talking about the friendship festival event that started yesterday.  

    First visit Lily and Mr. Elmhurst for the heart theme items and for your treehouse.



    A few examples of the type of heart theme items we can get from Lily.


    I recommend the heart glasses and the beating heart shirts.

    Fishing Hole Prizes from Lucy





    Places decorated ❤️





  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    Today was friendship day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👫👬👭👫👬👭

    We played fashion shows, hide and seek, fast typer and had a giveaway of friendship necklace as seen on the picture below 😁

    I hope everyone is enjoying the friendship festival, I sure am 😎

    cya on mpd 🐼 😆


    friendship day feb 2019 1.png

    friendship day feb 2019 2.png

    friendship day feb 2019 3.png

    friendship day feb 2019 4.png

  • eggplant80

    hi pandas,

    Today we had fisherman's event or fisherpandas event!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐠 🐟 🐠 🐟 🐼

    We fished at fishing hole, coconut beach, starfish island, faraway desert but no fishing there we did do two fashion shows with summer theme and sea blue, last destination was lake land rofl 😆

    We had giveaways of 100 coins and a blue flower hat, the event was very interesting, cya on mpd 😁

    fisherman event 1.png

    fisherman event 2.png

    fisherman event 3.png

    fisherman event 4.png

  • DJFang

    The most elite fishermen on point


  • eggplant80

    hi pandas,

    Today was @Sheriff event day!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played fashion shows, we watched mpandanda flashwind 2018 in the cinema, played hide and seek and Sheriff gave us 1 panda gold for the giveaway 😃

    We had lots of fun with @Sheriff cya on mpd 😁

    sheriff event feb 2019 1.png

    sheriff event feb 2019 2.png

    sheriff event feb 2019 3.png

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